I am open to all kinds of cooperation. If you believe we can create someting valuable in travel, do not hesitate to contact me.

I can write...
Interested in cooperation with companies from the tourism industry, owners of websites and publishers of travel magazines. I would be more than happy to write an article about places I visited or give tips about traveling and organizing trips.
I can test...
Eager to test the services and products from the tourism industry.
I can travel...
Excited to go on sponsor or promotional tours/trips and share my experience in all possible ways.
I can coordinate contests...
Willing to guide contests related to the topics in travel.
I can tell stories...
Always ready to tell about my trips and share my travel expierence. Therefore would love to give lectures, slide shows and workshops. Already gathered my first experience with media, tv and radio.
I can share...
Happy to share my travel material with you. If you are interested in my photos and/or movies, please let me know.

Costs and pricing are agreed individually.

In cooperation with the student organization AIESEC I interview the participants of the Global Citizen program, offered by this organization. Are you dreaming of voluntary work and services? Do you want to travel to a beautiful place and live a great adventure in your life? This aisec2program will make it possibe. Read the interviews with people who did it. You can work in three areas: culture, management and world’s problems.





TVP Pytanie na śniadanie – Jak wygląda życie w Iranie? (click to watch)

Iran pytanie na śniadanie



Radio Kampus – Maldives  (fragment)



Czwórka Polskie Radio – Iran (click to listen)


I also share my travel experience in Południk Zero, a cozy place where you can participate in traveling slide shows, concerts and other activities.


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